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Making nationwide
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ABN AMRO teamed up with TNW and Impact Hub Amsterdam to create an initiative that helps companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable.

Impact Nation offers a 100-day program to solve your most urgent sustainability challenge. We match you with internationally sourced solutions, offer supporting modules, and help with the nitty gritty implementation.

The Impact Nation Program

This is how Impact Nation helps with the practical side of making your business more sustainable.
1. Problem Definition

To determine your most critical sustainability challenge, we'll have a 3-hour Workhop with your main stakeholders. We explore trends, formulate an ambitious and attractive moonshot, and explore ways you want to work with companies that offer solutions to your challenge.

Note: The Challenge Shaping Workshop is free for all participants, but is mandatory to join the 100-day program. The program fee will only be invoiced after mutual consent.

2. Scouting & Selection

After the Challenge Shaping Workshop, TNW and ImpactHub will start scouting internationally for solutions that might fit your challenge. Additionally they will:

1. Globally search for innovative solutions in the market;
2. Focus on industry specific cluster solutions;
3. Propose the companies to you;
4. You select five solutions to solve your problem.

3. 100 days

In a first session you will meet three providers that you have selected during the scouting phase. You will get to know them and their business and discuss a potential partnership.

Based on this you select 1 company to test their solution during a 100-day pilot.

The Kick-Off is the formal start of the 100 days. In which the Impact Nation team will support you with:
Stimulating good cooperation and integration of cultures;
A palet of modular services, for example on subsidies;
Developing building skills;
regular check-ins and project support.

4. Demo Day

Participants in the 100-day program present the outcome of their collaboration(s) to a wide audience and stakeholders on Demo(nstration) Day.

We'll make sure that we provide loads of coverage and press about the successes and learnings of your first 100 days.

As an alumni you'll get special access to events, perks, and a private community. If you need it, we'll try to get you a favorable green financing deal with ABN AMRO too.

What to expect?

Making your business more sustainable is hard.
We know. How does change start? 
Get a first glimpse in the video below.
“In this time of scarcity on the raw materials market, we observe that sustainability is a must.”
Guus Ploeger
Militex - customized cleaning solutions
our program

Alumni Examples

Let's discover the world of sustainability together. By clicking on the links down below you can explore how alumni completed their Impact Nation journey.
- HelloPrint
- Hollarts
- Total Packaging

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Are you ready for round two?

It's the 6th of April 2021. A whole COVID-year has passed, and we're starting Impact Nation's round #2 this afternoon. Four companies have picked up the glove to solve their most urgent sustainability challenge.

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Our focus areas for the
Impact Nation challenges

Impact Nation is a high quality tailor made program. That comes at a price. But, we want companies of every size to be able to solve their major sustainability challenge.

That's why we predefined 7 areas that we researched so that we can offer you a more affordable way to participate in Impact Nation. Want to know more? Shoot us a message!
Focus area
  • Packaging
    In much of today’s packaging approaches, inefficiencies can be found in their design and use of space. We aim to find solutions beyond the choice of material, such as reduction or even avoidance of packaging material through product design, reusability, and analytics of logistics.
  • Plastics
    Only about 30% of all plastic waste collected in Europe is recycled, while the rest is burned or ends up in a landfill. Innovations and improvement efforts are looking to make sure that plastic never becomes waste by keeping it in the economic system and out of the environment. We aim to find solutions that prevent plastic waste through recycling technologies and biodegradable and biobased alternatives.

  • Foodwaste
    As the global population increases, so does the pressure on our food system. New approaches that rethink food waste to increase the value of our food system can help. We aim to find solutions that keep agricultural biomass and food processing waste streams in the food system to be reused throughout the supply chain.
Focus area
  • Green [sustainable] Buildings
    The global construction sector is responsible for over a third of energy-related greenhouse emissions, with a significant amount coming from building operations. Direct measures such as data collection and the use of renewable energy offer significant emission reduction potential. We aim to find solutions that focus on automated sustainability, energy efficiency technologies and local renewable energy production. 

  • Industrial Emissions
    The demand for manufactured goods is expected to keep growing and so will global CO2 emissions if industrial emissions remain unchecked. This poses a risk to the carbon budget left to limit global warming above 1.5Cº. We aim to find solutions to limit industrial CO2 emissions that are data-backed and can be implemented on-site.
Focus area
  • Future of Work
    From the rise of remote working to decentralized workplaces, tech is transforming the way we work. We aim to find solutions that help organizations fulfill workers’ needs, such as the desire for purpose and well-being and maximizing potential through the development of skills. 
  • Inclusion and Accessibility
    Fast-moving changes in society and other external forces, such as the increased focus on individuality as a result of urbanisation, create an environment where certain groups in society struggle to play along. We aim to find solutions that address and increase the social inclusion of people overall.
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Below are the companies that made a sustainable change with Impact Nation in the past!
HempFlax is a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet by offering consumers affordable natural hemp products.
Since 1948 continuously active in the development and production of customised solutions in cleaning products and maintenance products.
At Wereldhave, we’re reinventing shopping centers. Our centers are places where people go, not only to shop, but also to work, relax and spend time with friends and family. We now own and operate 30 center locations across the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Johan Cruijff Arena
The Johan Cruijff ArenA is the home of Ajax. It also facilitates international soccer matches, concerts and dance events.  Together with ABN AMRO open banking they join the Impact nation program.
Centralpoint is the largest IT reseller in the Benelux. We advise and implement - brand-independent - all businesses with  concrete IT solutions.
We're in international successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio/video & multimedia equipment.
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“I get a kick from surprising companies with solutions they would haver never considered before.”
Wopke Dost
Scouting Lead @TNW
“It's fun and super rewarding to go beyond plans and Powerpoints to actually build solutions together.”
Marijn Mennes
Team Lead @ ABN AMRO
“When you connect the right people, making your company more sustainable is not that far away.”
Ilse Kwaaitaal
Impact Scout @ Impact Hub Amsterdam