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These companies we've helped in 2020

Check it out! These are the companies we helped setting and acting on their main sustainability challenge.

Check out the 2021 challenges

The eight partipicants of cohort 1

8 frontrunners joined the first batch of Impact Nation. They set out to fix their main sustainability challenge.
This is what they solved.

How could Centralpoint support its clients in reducing energy consumption by delivering flexible IT-services that significantly improve the storage of data?
How can we bring commercially viable hemp-based products to market in the fashion industry by collaborating with an innovative hemp fibre processing partner?
Johan Cruijff Arena
How can we provide insight in the CO2 footprint of our international events by leveraging a credible and accredited system that enables us to organize CO2-neutral events?
How might we use collection methods to tell the sustainable product story of Militex?
How can we enable the reuse of residual waste flows in the civil infrastructure industry by using a solution that connects supply and demand, thereby raising awareness and urgency across the industry?
Vrijdag Premium Printing
With whom can we develop distinctive and sustainable/circular packaging solutions (focus on paper & card box) with innovative partners to drive our sustainable impact in existing and new markets?
How can we decrease the carbon footprint of our products by leveraging sustainable material alternatives without compromising on quality and design?
How can we automate the assessment of potential green spaces on or around our Full Service Centers?
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And their 8 matches

These eight companies help the participants of cohort #1 with their sustainability challenge.
“In this time of scarcity on the raw materials market, we observe that sustainability is a must.”
Guus Ploeger
In Impact Nation, Wereldhave focuses on its next challenge on sustainability. Now it’s all about connecting with innovative scale-ups, other corporates, knowledge partners and government for collaboration and making it happen.
Tim Smeets
“Especially in these times, we need collaboration to help each other advance forward.”
Pieter-Paul van Oerle

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