Sabine Overweg

Social Media @ Impact Nation

Hi! I'm Sabine, a 3rd year International Business Administration student at VU Amsterdam. I'm an intern at ABN AMRO since september this year. The internship I'm doing at Impact Nation came my way due to my interests in strategy and sustainability and eventually resulted in becoming the community manager at Impact Nation! Besides creating and managing our own online platform, I'm the secret face behind our social media channels as well.

Working at Impact Nation has learned me a lot about sustainability and businesses. I compare what Impact Nation is striving for with combining your study with an internship, like I do. You may have all theory to make it happen, but without using this theory in practice, you will never move forward. And that's exactly what Impact Nation is all about! We help you with the practical side of making your business more sustainable, if you offer the will to get started.

It's more difficult than ever to connect with others as we work on remote. We offer a platform in which sustainability lovers come together to talk about things that we care about, in our own Impact Nation Community. As community manager, I would love to invite you to our platform, as from now on, it's public to everyone.

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