Nivida Lamichhane

Open Innovation Consultant at Rabobank

I started working with the startup ecosystem in 2011 in Kathmandu, Nepal and 9 years later, it is still something that gives me a lot of energy.

I am one of the core team members of Impact Nation from the time we were discussing the name of the program to what our vision and purpose is. After working on Cohort 1 of the program, it makes my heart full of happiness to see how far we have come! On a daily basis, I work on the overall program management and connect Challenge Owners to Solution Providers!

With a personal drive towards sustainability, working with Impact Nation has been a dream come true. Being responsible towards a sustainable future is no longer an individual goal but a collaborative one- and at Impact Nation, we do just that! Bringing together like minded people who share the same vision of having a greener future has been a fun and a rewarding process!

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