Niina Pussinen

Partnership Manager Circl

Hi! I’m Niina, Impact Collaboration Lead at @circl_nl , ABN AMRO’s platform for a green, circular and humane new economy. Circl as a building is an award-winning experiment in circular architecture and place making. Off-line and online we host and curate impact events, trainings and community meet-up’s. Our goal is to seduce and support the entrepreneurial business professionals and investors in making positive impact their driving “dividend”. “Right-to-copy” instead of copyright, sharing of actionable knowledge is key in our way of working, as is assisting new professional romances, connecting with new friends and allies. ABN AMRO and Circl initiated Impact Nation as an accelerator for this matchmaking and learning process. Important was adding tech as an unmissable catalyst to the impact formula as well.

What I love about ImpactNation is that it starts with action, learning by doing together. Just the powerful stuff we experienced in creating Circl with our partners. According to Impact Nation participating companies, the hands-on collaboration with an innovative partner speeds-up the awareness and learning within the company. The questions that we most often hear in Circl meet-up’s are “how to start”, “how to engage others in the company with everyone having their hands full with business-as-usual”, “how to gain access to the right know-how”. Impact Nation helps with all that! It saves time, money and frustration. Instead, the collaboration gives energy to all involved. We need this energy as we need to get all the amazing existing sustainable innovation implemented. Let’s not talk about impact but get our hands dirty together!

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