Mike Todirijo

Proposition Marketeer at ABN AMRO

I’m Mike Todirijo, Proposition Developer and Service Designer at ABN AMRO. The last couple of years I have been working in the tech startup ecosystem where I’ve built several propositions for these fast growing companies.

I am part of the core team of Impact Nation and one of the co-initiators from ABN AMROs side when the page was blank and we designed our vision, strategy and looked for ideal partners to build the proposition with. For me the main question was: how can we really help SME customers with the practical side of making their businesses more sustainable? As from our research this was the biggest customer problem we needed to solve.

I truly believe in an ecosystem where we are stronger together with amongst others corporates, SME’s, startups, Universities and Government with a common goal: making the world more sustainable. I really love to see that we made the first steps towards this.

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