Marijn Mennes

Team Lead Impact Nation

As a former entrepreneur of over 10+ years, Marijn helps ABN AMRO understand the people behind fast-growing businesses. He's proud to now be kickstarting Impact Nation to help companies with the practical side of becoming more sustainable.

In his spare time, he's building a platform for men that experience, or have experienced problems in becoming a father called NotYetDads.

Blog Posts

Are you ready for round two?

It's the 6th of April 2021. A whole COVID-year has passed, and we're starting Impact Nation's round #2 this afternoon. Four companies have picked up the glove to solve their most urgent sustainability challenge.

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The good, the great, and the… winners!

When a two-month global scouting process for eight companies seeking solutions to their sustainability challenge, results in selection day to pick your #1 solution provider.

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How do you define your companies' main sustainability challenge?

This article is a long one. But it explains in detail how you can do a Challenge Shaping for your own company. It's a vital first step in making our company more sustainable.

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What is sustainability?

What does Sustainability actually mean? When I think about it, it's rather difficult. I've taken a deep-dive in the literature to get a basic understanding of what it means. Let's find out how to explain sustainability to a five year old.

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Starting a sustainability program.

So, we're big on sustainability as a bank. Can we do something with that, like start a program? Do we have all the capabilities?

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My first steps into the world of sustainability

Let's build an Impact program together!

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Marijn Mennes

Team Lead Impact Nation

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