Marijn Mennes

Startup Liaison @ ABN AMRO

As a former entrepreneur of over 10+ years, Marijn helps ABN AMRO understand the people behind fast-growing businesses. He operates on the edge of what's possible within the corporate together with Mike. He's proud to now be kickstarting Impact Nation to help companies with the practical side of becoming more sustainable.

In his spare time, he's building a platform for men that experience, or have experienced problems in becoming a father called NotYetDads.

Blog Posts

The good, the great, and the… winners!

When a two-month global scouting process for eight companies seeking solutions to their sustainability challenge, results in selection day to pick your #1 solution provider.

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How do you define your companies' main sustainability challenge?

This article is a long one. But it explains in detail how you can do a Challenge Shaping for your own company. It's a vital first step in making our company more sustainable.

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What is sustainability?

What does Sustainability actually mean? When I think about it, it's rather difficult. I've taken a deep-dive in the literature to get a basic understanding of what it means. Let's find out how to explain sustainability to a five year old.

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Starting a sustainability program.

So, we're big on sustainability as a bank. Can we do something with that, like start a program? Do we have all the capabilities?

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My first steps into the world of sustainability

Let's build an Impact program together!

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