Louise Levenbach

Driving open innovation @TNW

Hi! My name is Louise - innovation program lead at TNW. With TNW we define the innovation challenges of corporates and connect them to the newest technology or fastest growing startups. I'm involved in a wide variety of programs within TNW, and am very happy to shape sustainable challenges at Impact Nation as this feeds my interest and curiousity in sustainability, both in professional and personal context.

After working for a couple of years in a corporate environment on innovation & digital transformation I'm really excited in the Impact Nation team to support SME's to make an sustainable impact whilst leveraging an innovative ecosystem - by working with smart, sustainable solutions to tackle real life business challenges. I believe in this powerful ecosystem collaboration in terms of 1+1=3 // 'alone you go faster, together you go further' and all other clichés which apply. Collaborating with other companies is not necessarily the easiest path to take - yet it can be the most impactful in terms of combining brainpower and application of existing solutions. With the Impact Nation program I'm excited to guide the challenges owners in their journey to solving their sustainability challenge and take a step forward.

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