Kristian Esser

Digital/Brand Strategist Public speaker Community builder

I have been entrepreneur since the beginning, now 32 years ago. Nowadays I am a strategic team player and help companies that are willing to partecipate in the new digital world.

I am connected since the beginning of the commercial internet. I have a design background and my inborn curiosity keeps me constantly updated on the latest technological developments. People say I have a natural ability to explain complicated technologies and as an entrepreneur I am constantly triggered to discover opportunities in the market. I lived in different cultures, was born in Africa and grew up in Italy and are now based in the Netherlands. I am now focused in building online communities to support distributed and decentralised work: also known as Smart Working.

I have been asked to join Impact Nation’s core team to develop and embed the online community that will support the organisation and participants in the Cohorts. This project will add to my learning curve the inestimable value that sustainability brings to the world. Love it!

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