Ilse Kwaaitaal

Scouting Lead at Impact Hub

Hi! I'm Ilse Kwaaitaal, Innovation Sourcing Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam. For the last 6 years I've been developing our innovation sourcing department. With a team of impact startups scouts we've been able to match sustainable innovations to funding, partners and more.

When we started conversations about Impact Nation more than a year ago, I knew immediately I wanted to be part of it. I've been connecting impact startups to corporates/SME's before, but what I love about Impact Nation is that we focus on one really good match and support with the pilot as well.

There are so many companies out there who are walking around with sustainability challenges that can be easily solved by startups. To reach the sustainability goals we should collaborate and not reinvent the wheel!

In her spare time Ilse heads a business (Twenty Products) that strives to eliminate the 80% of water in most liquid households to combat waste.

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