Hein Brekelmans

Head Sustainable Finance Desk at ABN AMRO

My career at the bank started in 2005 by conducting my thesis about sustainability for ABN AMRO. However, my career was no obvious path. I started a position, left the bank for moral reasons, and came back again. Why? I wanted to make a change within the bank, instead of judging from the side-line. This decision and my interest in sustainability has led me to working for the Sustainable Finance Desk since 2016.

With regards to Impact Nation, it is an amazing program. It is ours. The idea started within the bank, and a group of enthusiastic sustainability lovers embraced it and made it the program it is today. My share is found in multiple areas. I was there from the start, helped in building and developing a customer base, a collaborative effort was creating a sales team from the so called Green 40 (the largest sustainable ambassador network within ABN AMRO), and the Sustainable Finance Desk plays together with Circl via ABN AMRO a big role in realising the whole program.

Impact Nation is ABN AMRO’s strategy in action and I’m more than proud to be part of such a program. Let’s support our clients in accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral, circular and social inclusive economy.

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