Carla Napoleão

Startup Scout @ TNW

Hi! I’m Carla Napoleão, Startup Scout at TNW.

Before I joined the team, I spent two years working as a marketer and project manager for a media and publishing company that covers startup ecosystems across the globe. In my time there, I became more and more inspired to have an active role in discovering and connecting sustainable solutions with the right partners.

As I learned about the different TNW programs, Impact Nation immediately stood out as one of the few I would like to be part of. Luckily my dreams became true. In a world where pressing environmental and social issues no longer can be ignored, a sustainable business is a good business.

Everyone, especially corporations, should take responsibility and be on the front lines to create a positive environmental and social impact. Programs such as Impact Nation are crucial in facilitating this shift. It’s an honour to work with a team of driven individuals!

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