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9 topics for cohort #2

Impact Nation is a program that helps CB and CiB clients with the practical part of making their company more sustainable.

For our second cohort that starts in december, we preselected 9 topics. We really like to know what topics matter to you, and where you see an opportunity for (our) ABN AMRO clients.

Please view the topics below, and fill in the survey with your remarks or thoughts.

Focus area
  • 1. Packaging
    Beyond "just" materials, such as reduction/avoidance of packaging material through different product design, analytics in logistics etc.
  • 2. Materials
    Replacing current lineair materials such as plastic, concrete and metal with renewable, biobased or recycled materials.
  • 3. Logistics / Transport
    E.g. in the food sector. Transport has a major co2-footprint, so we need sharing solutions/better capacity mgt in transportation of goods, and reverse logistics.
Focus area
  • 4. Data (usage & storage)
    As companies are intensifying their efforts to gather data, the amount of energy going to storing data grows exponentially. We research efficient/selective data storing or energy saving solutions.
  • 5. Sustainable Buildings
    Everything to make bricks & mortar more efficient. E.g. decentral energy production and other unused potential (roofs etc)
  • 6. CO2 reduction for industry
    Data- and point solutions for co2- footprint reduction of industrial processes.
Focus area
  • 7. Personal Resilience
    How to include yourself in society and level the playing field. Eg. solutions for financial- and news literacy, or social isolation.
  • 8. Fair supply chain [SDG 8]
    How to stimulate inclusive, sustainable economic growth where everyone can earn a liveable loan, and employee working conditions and contracts are fair and safe.
  • 9. Mobility & Future work force
    How to keep people healthy, engaged, and keep a business running whilst working from home?
Wait, there are a few more, scroll on
These topics didn't make the cut, but are on our long list
  1. A. Regenerative use of natural resources
  2. B. Diverse talent
  3. C. RE-use in the building sector
  4. D. Healthcare, waste products vs hygiene.
  5. E. Leisure: Solutions for a COVID-19 proof future (mobile check-ins etc.)
Share your expertise and help determine our final 9