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My first steps into the world of sustainability

Marijn Mennes

As a former entrepreneur and in my role as a startup liaison, I'm a figurative bridge-builder between startups and ABN AMRO. I help my colleagues understand how the new generation of entrepreneurs think, feel, and act.  And I help startups with the "when" and "how" they can leverage ABN AMRO products or services to aid their business.

As my office is inside tech-hub TQ, I'm immersed in the startup scene. It's a place where people that are young of heart come together from all corners of the earth to use new (software) technologies to make the world a better place. If I can give an example, you ask?

Help students finalize their academic endeavors? Hello Scribbr!

Finally hire the right people for your company? Meet Homerun.

Suddenly need a babysitter for your 3-year-old? There's Sitly.

Reduce the impact of farming on the planet? Hi Connecterra.

So, when I started hearing a buzz that ABN AMRO was refining her mission to "support [her] clients' transition to sustainable products and business models," I felt some similarity. Both ABN AMRO and most startups around me want to change the world for the better.

But how would a sizeable corporate help her clients with "their transition" towards more sustainable products and business models? And what does that even mean, sustainable

I decided it's time to go out and explore what's what. In these long reads, I'll write about my discoveries into the world of sustainability. I will share my insights and will try to explain how they might benefit you or your business. Lastly, I'll let the participants of the Impact Nation program speak about their experiences. Let's go on a journey to discover sustainability together. 

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