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Are you ready for round two?

Marijn Mennes

It's the 6th of April 2021. A whole COVID-year has passed, and we're starting Impact Nation's round #2 this afternoon. Four companies have picked up the glove to solve their most urgent sustainability challenge.

Optimus Time

Roughly five years ago, I was at TNW's yearly conference when we were still seeing people up close and drinking a casual beer in the sunshine. A random guy on stage spoke about the moment that things seem to click. Some entrepreneurs have built great products but have a hard time selling them to potential clients. In general, people are busy working towards their own goals and delivering on their promises. He mentioned that it's hard to find a moment - the right moment - to persuade someone to try something new.

This moment can be because of a trend coming up. Some companies are just "too early" with their products. It is not because of what they've built, but because of others' appetite to use their product. Do you have an example of a practical blockchain solution that's in your life today? 

There's always a moment, the gentlemen argued, that there is an opportunity. That's an optimum moment, he stated. The moment your connection with a person, the product you've built, and the possibility of exploring an adaptation together line up. That's when you hit Optimus Time.

A kick-off today

For five months, we - the Impact Nation team - spoke with dozens of companies to discuss their future business view. One thing is sure, COVID-19 isn't over yet and affected most businesses. But, nearly all people are optimistic as well. And, most of them consider becoming more sustainable a crucial part of surviving toward the future.

We've been lucky to have spoken with four teams in Optimus Time. They represent the companies that are this years' front runners to solve their main sustainability challenge. Let the games begin!

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