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"We have to collect less stuff. So what do we need storage options for? Is this still sustainable in the long term?"


To inspire people to get everything in and around the house in tip top order.

Providing a suitable solution for every storage problem in and around the house, that is the central goal that Sunware focuses on every day and that has inspired them for more than 40 years to design and distribute contemporary, functional, high-quality plastic products throughout Europe. Develop well-thought-out concepts that meet a specific storage need, and therefore give a tidy feeling. Perfectly organized!

The other participants of cohort #6


As a frontrunner in their industry Textaafoam has the goal to promote more sustainable yarns. As a wholesaler of interior fabrics they want to remain a frontrunner, work together within their value chain, and connect their network.

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Development of high-quality and innovative packaging solutions for products.

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Sustainable climate control solutions for everyone

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