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Innovative products and concepts from ideation to delivery in retail stores.

Kapimex BV has been a leading international wholesaler of household and decorative items for more than 30 years. In recent years, they have successfully focused on both brand development and the development of innovative private labels and products for European (large) retailers. With our own brands GUSTA®, beautiful contemporary products are developed with passion and taste that respond to today's consumer. The same translation is made for our customers with specific wishes in the field of private labels or product development. Kapimex is strong in the development of multi-category theme worlds and shop meter infills in the field of Non-Food items for the kitchen, set table and home accessories. Creativity in all aspects of a product (line) with a natural instinct for inspiring consumers (experiencing the product and / or wanting to give it as a gift). That is what we like to do and what we are good at!

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