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Being a front-runner means being sustainable all the way through.

Johan Cruijff Arena

Home of AJAX

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is the football stadium in the Netherlands, home to AFC Ajax and the Dutch national team. It is also the multifunctional accommodation for large-scale, national and international music and dance events as well as smaller-scale meetings in (mainly) the business segment. These activities take place in close collaboration with various partners. High-quality services, state-of-the-art facilities, safety and optimal public experience are the most important strategic pillars. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world and is internationally regarded as a role model for modern stadium construction and operation. The Amsterdam Innovation Arena functions as a living lab for innovative concepts for stadium management and event experience.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA provides top quality services, state-of-the-art facilities, and with the highest attention for safety offers an optimal audience experience. And we are doing all this as creatively and cleverly as possible. This is because quality, innovation and sustainability are the strategic pillars of the stadium.

In everything we do, quality is key. Quality for our customers, visitors and for our partners. Our desire to provide top quality drives all of our decisions – on optimizing the experience in and around the stadium through to tours and events and even the care of the grass field.

Through the innovation program we and our partners are working on creating the stadium of the future. Our focus is on six distinct themes: the visitor experience, mobility, security, sustainability and recycling, facility management and digitization.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world. For example, we use residual heat to keep frost off the playing field, we generate some of our own energy with some 4,200 solar panels and we are trying to process waste as cleverly as possible.

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Johan Cruijff Arena

350+ FTE
Hospitality & Events
Cohort 1
Home of AJAX
July 16, 2021

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