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The industrial applications of hemp are endless!


Market leader in hemp products

HempFlax is a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the earth by marketing affordable, natural hemp products. By stimulating the awareness process of entrepreneurs in the world market in an inspiring way, we contribute to making their company more sustainable. We embrace the philosophy of the circular economy and do our utmost to commit to it.


The industrial hemp plant and its sustainable applications play a large part in our daily life. This natural centipede leads us in our ambition to leave a healthy planet to future generations.


We believe in this plant with heart and soul and grow our own crops. In addition, we use raw materials, water and pesticides very economically. Cultivating hemp is CO2 negative. HempFlax offers the alternative with a healthy ecological footprint with raw materials from industrial fiber hemp.


HempFlax was founded in 1993 by Ben Dronkers to restore the ancient fiber hemp crop to its former glory. HempFlax has now grown from 140 hectares of industrial fiber hemp cultivation in 1994 to 2500 hectares in 2017, and we expect to cultivate no less than 3500 hectares in 2020.

The demand for high-quality professional hemp products is enormous. The synergy between the various locations creates a sustainable and innovative business climate in which HempFlax can become the market leader in industrial hemp production.

Our cultivation takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania, and our factories are located in Oude Pekela, the Netherlands, and Alba Iulia, Romania.

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50+ FTE
Cohort 1
Market leader in hemp products
April 28, 2022

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October 22, 2020


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