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Open challenges

Making a company more sustainable is hard.
Let's solve challenges together.

Participating companies

These frontrunners are stepping up to make their company more sustainable. They've already realized that doing so is not easy, so they might need your help. That's why they defined their main sustainability challenge below.

If you - or your company - has a solution to one of their challenges and you're excited to work on a mutual solution, apply on the detail page.

Refer to our F.A.Q. for more practical details about the process.
Ampera Park

Open Challenges

These are the current open challenges. Click on the link for more details.
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“In this time of scarcity on the raw materials market, we observe that sustainability is a must.”
Guus Ploeger
In Impact Nation, Wereldhave focuses on its next challenge on sustainability. Now it’s all about connecting with innovative scale-ups, other corporates, knowledge partners and government for collaboration and making it happen.
Tim Smeets
“Especially in these times, we need collaboration to help each other advance forward.”
Pieter-Paul van Oerle