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Ampera Park

Ampera Park
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AmperaPark modifies gray parking lots into green energy sources.

They are a niche hardware player in the field of electric charging. In addition to standard charging points, they also offer their solar carports; so canopies covered with solar panels. This AmperaPort has separate branding that makes it visually appealing. The big idea behind AmperaPark is that they will become a “smart charging system”. The company is still in the starting phase, but is seeing great interest and are swamped with orders. Ampera Park is strong in the hardware side, but the user side (software) is not yet actively developed. That's the core of their challenge.

Smart Charging System, you say?

What's so different about that? This means that energy is used on a more balanced way then today, all based on the needs of the car owner. This requires one thing that no market party knows today: “how long will this car be on the charger?”. By knowing how long someone is going to park somewhere, you can adjust the supply of power to your wishes, and calculate optimally who will receive power first, and who later. Because charging is done from a source via a cable with limited capacity, and you want to avoid putting super heavy and costly hardware in the ground, you want to develop a smart solution.

That's why a solution is found in the challenge stated here. Smart software can do two things at the same time:

  1. Remove the stress that all EV-drivers know; (how long is my battery going to last, is there a charger at my destionation?)
  2. Know how long a car is going to be parked at a certain spot, to allow for smart charging (and more affordable charging at the same time)

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