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About Us

ABN AMRO is one of the Netherlands’ leading banks. Our focus is on Northwest Europe.We provide banking services to retail, private and business clients. There are more than19,000 ABN AMRO employees worldwide. Our vision is to be a personal bank in the digitalage, serving clients where we have scale in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe.

About our challenge

The Digital Workplace & Digital Employee team of ABN Amro has the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of it’s employees, and is seeking ways to engage and activate co-workers to reduce their data.

A sustainable world where data is available as optimally as possible with the right tooling. The data is necessary, actual, relevant and easy to find. If it doesn’t fit these four criteria the data does not exist. This is done through single instance storage. We want employees to be aware of their data footprint and have relevant behaviour to minimize their data footprint.

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  • Describe your product, service / platform (how does it work? USP’s?)
  • What stage is your business in? What’s the financial picture? Any investors?
  • How does your solution contribute to solving the innovation challenge?
  • Elaborate on team, achievements, partnerships, etc.
  • Explain your motivation for applying to this challenge.
  • What kind of partnership would you ideally envision?
  • Can you make an estimation of costs you would have to make (if applicable)?
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