Impact Nation

From insights to action

Our original introduction, December 2019

Sustainability is becoming more important for all businesses, across all industries. As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent, companies are recognising the need to act on sustainability. However, embarking on a more sustainable journey is not a one-step process.

ABN AMRO teamed up with The Next Web and Impact Hub to launch Impact Nation. The collaboration signifies that no one organisation or company can solve sustainability challenges alone. Impact Nation strives to map companies' sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions worldwide, and support them with the practical implementation towards a more sustainable company.

To get Impact Nation running, we invited eight medium-sized enterprises to participate in a 100 day program. They will be matched with innovative startups and scale-ups from all over the globe. Facilitators and experts from TNW and Impact Hub Amsterdam will assist and coach the participants, and help pilot the solutions towards a more sustainable company operation.

We've kicked-off Cohort #6, you can find the participating companies here. If you’re a medium-sized enterprise ready to create a more environmentally responsible business but aren’t sure where to start, sign up now for cohort 2 to get a chance to embark on a twenty-week program with ABN AMRO, TNW, and Impact Hub Amsterdam.

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A small but mighty crew

These people will help you on the road towards a more sustainable business.
Charley Snoek
Marketing & Communications @ Impact Hub Amsterdam
Evan van der Holst
Team Lead Impact Innovation at Impact Hub Amsterdam
Floor van der Heijden
Intrapreneur Impact Nation
Ilse Kwaaitaal
Scouting Lead at Impact Hub
Jeljer Haarsma
Co-lead Impact Nation
Jeroen Wilms
Impact management coach at Narrate and Impact Hub Amsterdam
Julia van Boven
Co-lead Impact Nation
Louise Levenbach
Driving open innovation @TNW
Maartje Janse
Impact Innovate Consultant at Impact Hub Amsterdam
Marc van Hees
Impact Nation Intrapreneur
Niina Pussinen
Partnership Manager Circl
Robert-Jan van Nievelt
Proposition Manager
Ron van Kasteren
Impact Nation Intrapreneur
Sandra van der Pal
Senior Manager Open Innovation at TNW
Yaïr Sharon
Open Innovation Consultant at TNW

Our alumni team

These people helped get Impact Nation launched!
Manon Klein
Director Impact Hub Amsterdam
Medo Alotibe
Intern @ ABN AMRO
Arno Nijhof
Director TNW Programs
Sabine Overweg
Social Media @ Impact Nation
Kristian Esser
Digital/Brand Strategist Public speaker Community builder
Wopke Dost
Director Innovation Programs @TNW
Carla Napoleão
Startup Scout @ TNW
Sjors Mineur
Programmamaker @ Circl
Robert-Niels van Droffelaar
Partnership Manager at Impact Hub Amsterdam
Hein Brekelmans
Head Sustainable Finance Desk at ABN AMRO
Ruud van Dijk
Innovation Lead at Port of Rotterdam
Pieter Paul van Oerle
Strategy Director TNW
Nivida Lamichhane
Open Innovation Consultant at Rabobank
Marijn Mennes
Team Lead Impact Nation
Mike Todirijo
Proposition Marketeer at ABN AMRO
Menno van Leeuwen
Program manager Impact Nation